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Craig Bragdy Design

National Museum

This 45 meter long and large wall mural decorates one wall of a pedestrian link between the two main collections of the museum – pre-Islam and modern Islam. The design for the large wall mural is inspired by the story of the Prophet Mohammed’s journey from Mecca to Medina and contains imagery to represent events that occurred on his journey – beginning in the rocky mountains of Mecca and the Kabba; the cave, the spiders web and the nest with eggs; the goats; the Bedouin camped in the desert; the bracelets; the festivities and jubilation as the prophet arrives at Medina.

The design is intended to give the large wall mural life allowing visitors to discover elements represented there. It is designed to appeal across many cultural and intellectual levels though from the beginning of the story there is in the mural a single, straight, bright, unwavering, golden and never ending line that represents Islam.

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