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Craig Bragdy Design

Projects in detail

Each and every handmade ceramic design of a swimming pool floor, spa or wall mural is unique to its client. Unique in its theme, colour, character, ambience and of course, size and shape. Each and every client has unique requirements and sensitivities and Craig Bragdy Design – as one of the world’s leading specialists in this field – excels in its ability to provide this custom service for each and every project.

At the design studio in Denbigh a team of skilled artists transfers the design on to a rolled out sheet of clay. This is then moulded by hand until the shape and detail is perfect. The decorated mural is then cut into pieces, the shapes and the cuts forming an integral part of the design. The next stage is the application of colour, chosen from a vast range of slips, glazes and oxides. Finally, precious metals such as gold, platinum and silver are applied. The mural is then labelled, packaged and transported. Once it arrives on site Craig Bragdy technicians who have been involved throughout production, are there to assemble the mural and attend to installation.

Swim-through Shell

A sculptural shell is suspended at one end of an oval indoor pool, connecting the inside and outside pool spaces.

Large Scale Art – The Underpasses

Larger than life art stretching for a kilometre on each side of this underpass that takes traffic beneath what was previously a busy road junction at the corniche in Abu Dhabi.

Older, interactive projects

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