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Craig Bragdy Design

Craig Bragdy’s design was fully able to ‘hang out’ across the pool without structure. The ceramics to clad the inner and outer surfaces were designed to be quite different to each other and to closely mimic the surface of real life shells. The inner surface being smooth and decorated with a creamy, pink and white colour glaze and mother-of-pearl lustres, and the outer being textured and matt in finish.

Swim-through Shell

A sculptural shell is suspended at one end of an oval indoor pool, connecting the inside and outside pool spaces.

This handmade structure forms a 'magical' canopy lavishly decorated with mother-of-pearl lustres and echoing with every splash and sound as swimmers pass beneath.

Craig Bragdy Design Ltd.
Unit 10a Colomendy Denbigh LL16 5TA UK
+ 44 (0)1745 815656